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Busy but Embracing Life

I often find myself “busy”. It seems like I have a countless list of things on top of things that need my attention and time. However some days I frankly don’t have the energy to devote to these “things” so I distract myself. Distractions can take the form of a phone or tv, you name it!

When does the cycle stop? When do we not let the “list” and “things” control our lives?

Do you remember back when you were a kid? For me some of my fondest memories were riding my horse through the mountains for hours and hours a day. I would imagine what my future would be like, the man I would marry, where I would live and so much more. I would listen to music and not just the beat, but the lyrics, I would soak them up like a sponge while my mind just carelessly wandered.

Where did that care free spirit go?

Do you ever feel like throwing your smart phone out the car window? No? Just ME? That thing is a constant hurdle in my life. Sure, it helps me get a lot of “things” done, but so much of those “things” can wait in the first place. I believe how we prioritize our time is key to enjoying what truly matters in life. No one wants to look back and have missed the “good stuff”.

Who says as an adult we have to fill our schedules so full that we can’t squeeze some of that child-like wonder in there?

Lets take our lives back!

Free your mind:

Say it with me; “free your mind, and the rest will follow” ( I couldn't help myself)! I have found that keeping a calendar and writing my obligations in there has helped tremendously. We are not made to hold everything in our brains. Which is why we forget things, because our brain needs a break. Get a calendar, write in it, release it, repeat! Just don’t forget to check your calendar daily!


Scheduling things as simple as when to work out, do laundry, clean, etc has been a game changer! When I follow through I don’t feel so overwhelmed. I can take a deep breath and know that not everything has to be done, that day! It gives me peace and a sense of accomplishment too. Don’t forget to schedule time for yourself in there. Reading, writing, bingeing your favorite tv show, you get the point! Time to yourself, by yourself, is so important!

Surrender expectations: 

A huge burden we don’t have to carry is comparison. I know it is so much easier said than done! Especially with picture perfect social media at our finger tips! It is so easy to get wrapped up in what you don’t have vs. what you do. Honey, it’s not worth it! Behind every “staged” photo is real life. I don’t need to explain that, you already know! SO when you see Miss perfect, know she’s not (and that’s ok). When you see a beautiful home, admire it and but be grateful for what you have and don’t go into debt trying to make it like theirs.

Content in the Chaos:

Being content and truly grateful is a challenge when you are strolling down a Target aisle and want eventing from the Magnolia line. But when was the last time you re-decorated without buying ANYTHING new? I am preaching to myself here! We have a garage full of items we could salvage or donate! Try to be content with what you have and remove what you don’t need! I am an organizing freak but getting rid of “excess” and staying organized helps me realize how little we actually need to be happy!

Don’t be to hard on yourself:

Give yourself a break. When I say break, I mainly mean grace. We often give grace out to others yet have little left over for ourselves. I know I have questioned myself many times, if I am being a good mom, wife, and daughter. But I want to encourage you, it’s ok to not have it together all the time. It’s ok to be a little selfish and tend to your life first. When we pour into ourselves and “fill our wells” we can overflow to others. When we let ourselves run dry with lists, things, and comparisons, we have nothing left but a dry well.

It’s not to late. You’re not too far gone. It takes dedication, but I believe we were put on this earth for so much more than to be “busy”.  Here is to truly living. I believe in you! Life is good, lets not let it pass us by!

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