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"He Makes His Family Live in an RV"

Earlier this year, we made the paper! In a very humble way, I will add. "Casey Sadler, Loads up the Camper for trip back to the Majors"!

Thats right, we live in an RV in the minor leagues! A whopping 200 sf Travel Trailer! When Casey got the "call" we hooked it right up to our Chevy Tahoe in the middle of the night and in about 50 minutes we were ready to conquer the 15 1/2 hour drive back home to Florida. Home being the key word. We wanted to avoid last minute plane tickets for my daughter and I, and we were blinded by the excitement to go "home"!

While most fans thought this was pretty neat-a few couldn't believe my husband "makes" us live in an RV! If only they knew me, they would know how no one, can make me do much of anything I do not wish to do! I credit all of the sass I have to my mama. Heres the thing you may not know, it was MY idea.

Last year we entered our 9th season of professional baseball. I was at my limit when it came to renting apartments. We had experienced, leaking roofs, black mold, loud neighbors and carpets that made your feet brown (barf). Not to mention, with my husband playing the role as a human yo-yo back and forth from the Majors to the Minors, we often had to pay for our mortgage, an apartment, and a hotel room AT THE SAME TIME! Goodbye money!

When we brought our little girl into the world, I wanted more than ever to have consistently in our lives. With baseball that is a giant ask but I was determined to make it happen, somehow, someway! When she was just 3 weeks old we left for baseball season. We rented an apartment but ended up spending most of the season bouncing from different hotel rooms. I was a new mom, at my wits end and couldn't do hotel living no longer! I had recently found a used "protective glove" (if you know what I mean), on the floor, behind the nightstand and at this point Kaysen, our daughter, was learning to crawl and I I knew something had to give!

2018 rolled around and we found "the one". A brand new 2019 "Radiance" made by Cruiser RV. She is a beauty, although she could use a bath right about now from the love bugs she has collected along our journey. We wanted this RV in perticular because it was the only model we could find with the space we needed for our family that was also under the weight restrictions for our Tahoe to pull! I can't tell you how many funny looks we get hauling a 36ft Travel Trailer with a Tahoe, but she pulls it like a breeze! We have learned to smile and wave, just smile and wave (thanks Penguins of Madagascar for that tip)!

So for you, Mr. Fan, don't feel bad for me! Yes, I would much rather live at home. Truly, I would. I'm sure my husband would rather be spared the laughter he receives while bonking his head 10x a day too. But the RV was one of the best decision we have made in baseball! It has given us the ability to travel to close road trips as a family, while cutting down the cost of living on the road significantly. It has been an amazing home away from home. It may be small but it is mighty! We have everything we need, two bedrooms, a kitchen, living room, bathroom/shower, and even an extra outdoor kitchen! I have peace knowing it is ours, it feels like home, even though its on wheels. It is the consistency I desperately craved and what a blessing it has been to us!

For those on the fence about an RV, I will tell you this, it is not the most glamorous. When living in it for an extended amount of time the little annoyances you have with your parter chewing or bumping into you, are magnified. You will have to hook up a poop hose and a water hose everywhere you go (gross). You also may have to use community laundry ( I am not a big fan of this) but you will cut down on laundry time since using multiple machines will get it all done at once! Silver lining?! However the places you will go, the experience you will have will are worth it!

When in doubt, do it for the s'mores!

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