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Our First Baseball Season in an RV

Here’s to one month of living/loving in our RV! What an adventure it has been thus far! I am currently writing this as heavy rain is coming down, and the trailer sways with the wind gust. My finger are crossed that neither wake up our napping baby!

I giggle as it brings up a not so distant memory of the first rain we experienced in the trailer. Casey was at the field, the sound of rain was beautiful. I can remember thinking, “man, I could get use to this!” When all of a sudden, my peaceful moment of bliss was interrupted by the fact that my feet were starting to get wet! We were taking on water! How does this happen in a brand new RV? Enter the word “newbies” here! I quickly called one of our fellow RV friends who luckily explained that it was likely the seal on our slide (a portion of the RV that extends/retracts). As it turned out, the seal was  flipped the wrong way, thus allowing the rain to get in. Basically that meant I had to go traipsing outside in the pouring (cold) rain to try to flip the seal the correct way! Luckily he was right and the water stopped coming in. That was just one of what I assume will be many rookie mistakes we will endure.

A little leak doesn’t compare to the first night we had in our new home away from home. We were already so overwhelmed by the process of just picking up our RV. We had to squeeze what is typically an entire days process into one early morning before Casey had to be at the field. #BASEBALL-LIFE! First and foremost we had to do a walk around the RV! To our delight we received a 2019 right from the manufacturer. With that said, we were in such a rush to speed things along, they failed to mention one (huge) detail to us!  Our RV was “winterized” and the hot water hook up was not turned on to function yet. We didn’t discover this until later that evening when Casey got home from the game at 11pm! We had no hot water! We were freaking out to say the least. So what did we do? You guessed it, called our fellow RV friends (again) and after 2 hours went by, we had hot water. What a mess!

To say we had no idea what we were getting into would be an understatement. We were clueless. So to wrap up our first month I will say this. We have banged our heads and bumped into each other more times than I can count. It moves every time we walk and conserving water has taken on a whole new meaning. Although we have to use community laundry, we are really enjoying having a home of our own on the road. It gives us such peace of mind knowing if anything happened, we could pack up and be ready to move in about an hour. I love that I can decorate freely and not worry about where to store any of it! I feel like my mad organizational skills were made for tiny living!

Although this particular RV came with really pretty features, I still have the itch to constantly transform it. My DIY heart has to remember Rome was not built-in a day and to be content with what we have. I often seek MORE, MORE, MORE and forget to embrace and be grateful for what I have. Life is not all about those Instagram worthy photos (although I love a good one), it is so much more than that! It’s watching Kaysen say, “bird, bird”, as she stares out the windows. It’s falling asleep cozy together as we listen to Crickets chirp. Lastly, It’s looking crazy together as we haul this 30 foot travel trailer with our Tahoe.

I am so thankful for our decision to dive in to this lifestyle head first! I can’t wait to see where we go and the memories we will make! I only wish we would have done it sooner. All the “downfalls” of  RV living can not outweigh the positives! I am especially thrilled to cut the cost of living  by more than half during baseball season (vs. renting an apartment) and even happier that we can use our RV for so much more than baseball season!

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