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Parking Lot Panic Attack

I had a panic attack in a fast food parking lot.

Yep! You read that right!

I haven’t had a panic attack for probably 7 years, the last one being when I was planning our wedding (this is why I tell friends to elope) ha!

Before you label me “weak”.

I am not.

I have been under extreme pressure before, I can handle it!

I have competed professionally at top levels in my sport. I have traveled the country alone with a baby, packing, flying, renting a car, carrying ALL the bags…you guessed it, by myself! I can handle stress and pressure.

Yet, there I was in the parking lot hyperventilating.

I think anxiety is ever growing. I would assume everyone, to a certain degree, has experienced anxiety at some point or another in their lives. I believe the fast paced standard here in the US has a lot to do with it the incline.

It doesn’t make you less of a person.

I am sure I will get many reactions to this post. Some who can relate, and other that will pick it apart.

However, my hope in sharing is stronger than my fear of ridicule. I want to make talking about real life issues easier. In fact it’s why my blog, Sweet Caroline Comfort, exist. “To find comfort in community, throughout everyday life”. It starts with me.

So why did this happen?

I think when life starts getting really busy for us, I am often spreading myself so thin that I forget a very crucial thing. To take care of myself. I am not talking about shaving my legs, or doing my hair. No, I am talking about mentally & internally taking care of myself!

I have to re-group and ask, how am I feeding my soul? How am I feeding my body?

Feed Your SOUL:

It is so important to take time to yourself. To put social media aside and do something that makes you feel alive, relaxed, or accomplished.

I am a very organized person. I even schedule time for myself, yet I frequently skip over myself to get something else done! It's so often the times we are draining ourselves the most or skipping over ourselves-that we actually need to be “refilling” our tanks.

I believe creating goals will help me limit myself to things that CAN wait, and focus on the things that CAN’T... like my health.


What am I eating, drinking? Am I taking the right supplements for my body?

Chic Fil A, I love you but I have to be more intentional with what I am putting into my body. Fast food being at the top of the list.


I recently read an article about lack of iron being linked to those who suffer with panic attacks. Afterwards, I checked my multivitamin and supplements to realize none of them contained iron. Iron is so important for women. Read more here.

As a mom and wife, I have to be present. I have obligations to my little family. I wouldn’t trade that for the world, but I also need to have an obligation to myself. There is ways to create time for myself. For me, it all comes down to prioritizing and getting creative and deciding not to waste time!

I often think of myself after everyone else is taken care of. It is who I am, to my core. I would rather not eat, if it meant feeding you! But to take care of others, I must take care of myself first. It is not selfish, you deserve time too!

It goes back to the “tank"- if your tank is empty, you will have nothing left to give others. If your tank is full you have enough to spill over.

I am a very heart driven person. I lead with my heart. It may sound sweet, but it can be troubling. I want to do so much in this life. The thought of people homeless on the streets in this cold, keeps me up at night. Yet once again, I can’t contribute to the world, if I am not taking care of myself.

So What Happened?

I fizzled. My willpower to push myself aside and keep grinding, eventually burned out! It was a harsh reminder but an ever so needed one.

I hope you can use this as your reminder, and place yourself at the top of your list.

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