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Two Whole Years

Today I watched as my baby girl ran into her daddies arms as her dress swayed back and forth. It was a moment where time felt still and I could just soak it all in. It was a reminder that you’re not so little anymore. You are our big girl and it excites me and terrifies me at the same time. I want to watch you grow-yet keep you little.

Another year with you has come and gone. It has been our honor to watch you grow and learn and show off that little personality of yours!

Shortly after your first birthday you learned to walk or should I say run! You found a love for Elmo that has been unmatched. We in turn bought season tickets to Bush Garden for you to “see” him! We also took you to your first theater “Elmo Live” of course! Tears of Joy welled my eyes when I saw your face light up with pure joy. It was worth every penny.

You have your daddies hight and your mamas baby bald head. For those that may ask, no we have NEVER cut your hair. An unintentional mullet has been graced to you that will one day turn into beautiful locks! Until then, your Granddaddy didn’t call me “baldy locks” for no reason (sorry baby girl).

You are the brightest little doll. You can read books (or have memorized them), say your ABC’s and count to 20! You know your colors and pink by far seems to suit you! You know all of the lyrics to “Sweet Caroline” and ask to hear it daily. It warms our hearts knowing your middle name was a nod to the Carolinas, and baseball.

Over the year “Daddy ball” has evolved to “Let’s go see daddy at the baseball game”. You are his biggest littlest fan and cheer and clap in joy every time you see him in uniform!

We have lost count of how many states you have visited since you were born. If I had to guess I would say you are 1/2 way though the US and one international trip to the Dominican Republic where you gave fist bumps out freely to every passing person. As we left our accommodations there, the hostess cried-because she loved you too. That is how wonderful you are.

You remain our road trip warrior, spending countless hours on the road so we can chase daddies dreams as a family. You never cease to amaze us. It’s as if you have been traveling since you were 3 weeks old! It’s engrained in you and I hope your love for travel and “adventures” never fade.

You adore all things girly and taking care of all of your baby dolls. Little do you know, sometimes you take care of us too. Meeting your God sister Lydia a real life “tiny baby” as you call her was a highlight for you. You were so gentle and caring. One day (God willing) you will make an amazing big sister.

You have your mommies love for animals and will look out the window relentlessly for squirrels and birds. You shout “up a tree” when one scurries off. I can’t forget to mention daily evening walks to find the “duckies” where you wish them “night night” as we leave. You adore your puppy and I think he loves you too. You are a bit timid around your pony still, yet speak of her often. Every horse we see is now “Zipper”.

Granddaddy and Grammie are two of your favorite people and despite them living all the way in Hawaii you ask to “see” them daily. Grammie gave you “Leo” the lion when you were around 6 months old and he still to this day remains by your side. No stuffy could take the place of your Leo. Mommy and Daddy are prepared with a total of 6 “Leos” now in the waiting, to report to duty!

You’re the light of our life and we are so grateful God gave us you!

Promise to always be our baby, Sweet Kaysen Caroline. You are so loved.



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