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What I Have Learned in Year ONE

Updated: Jan 17, 2019

It’s hard to believe we now have a one year old. A ONE. YEAR. OLD! I am still in awe of the fact that we get to call her ours.

To celebrate her birthday I wanted to share what I have learned as a mom during year one.

Don’t stress the small stuff:

This has seriously been a challenge since my OCD by nature personality always wants to plan, organize, and repeat! Don’t get me wrong my mad skills have saved us a time or two, however I am slowly but surly learning to loosen my grip on the things I cannot control.

Be present:

Making room for memories and little moments can be more challenging than one may think, or admit. Casey and I both have to be intentional about setting our phones down. We live in a fast paced world and we often get in a “now” mindset! With mini computers at our fingertips, it’s easy to get distracted with the endless things you “have” to do. I am telling you; It can wait, emails can wait, people can wait, we are not robots that have to respond the moment our phones chime. Don’t miss little moments because your head is buried in a device looking up pizza reviews for 30 minutes.

Nap time=my time:

When Kaysen naps I get to unleash the beast. I get to do my plan, organize, CLEAN, repeat cycle, guilt free! When I have a clean environment it helps me feel like my life is together, and I thrive! I also take that time to pour into myself with a good book, a lit candle and a cup of coffee. Sure, I may not be able to shave my legs for a month (sorry Casey) but I get the time that I NEED to myself for that glorious 1-2 hours a day.

Never say never:

I WAS that mom who thought, I wont do this, I wont do that. Well, honey I am a fool because I have broken just about every ideal I had. My child now crawls on nasty hotel floors, her clothes sometimes match, and my germaphobic self has had to press the pause button for now until she is probably a teenager? My kid (sometimes) watches Sesame Street on the iPad during long plane/car rides if I need extra help.

Live and let live:

Y’all, it’s life, none of us get out alive. Lets help each other the best we can. I have had to check myself at times when I have been stubborn. It’s hard to admit that you, yes you, can be an asshole at times too. None of us are perfect. I have grown many friendships to a deep intentional level by getting real with one another, but also embracing the beauty of our differences.

My days now include many, MANY diaper changes, a lot of coffee, and usually a change of clothes. BUT, they also include baby giggles, memories, and time as a family.

Motherhood is a rollercoaster of ups and downs. It may look easy on social media, but it is beyond taxing. It has mentally, emotionally, and at times physically drained me but it is the most rewarding season I have ever walked through.

I love you Kaysen Caroline. You will always be my baby, Love, Mama

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